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Apple Dumplings
Baguette - no knead - larger loaf
Baguettes - poolish
Barbecured Baked Beans
Beef Barley Soup
Beef Stir-Fry
Cantaloupe Salad
Carrot Timbalies
Challah - No Knead
Challah - Small
Cheddar Scones
Chocolate Bread
Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Mousse
Cook's Chili
Cooked Potato Starter
Country Rosemary Bread
Dog Biscuits
Egg Dumplings
Focaccia - No Knead
Garlic Knots
General Tso's Chicken
Hamburger Rolls
High Temp Pizza Dough
Hot Cocoa
Ideal Sticky Bun
Irish Soda Bread
Jewish Rye - No knead
Lemon Tarragon Sorbet
Lilyan's Marble Cake
Multi Seed Bread
Multigrain loaf
Mushroom Stock
Neopolitan Pizza
No-Knead Jewish Rye
No-knead Multi-grain Bread
No-knead Rosemary Onion Bread
Norm's Onion Rolls
Olive Bread
Onion Pumpernickel
Pain aux Cereales
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme - No Knead
Passover Blintzes
Pear Mostarda
Pickled Lox
Pizza Dough
Potato Bread
Pullman loaf
Pumpernickel Raisin Bread
Red Bell Pepper Sorbet
Rice noodles
Rice Pudding - Rice Maker
Rosemary Onion Bread - Thermomix
Sandwich Loaf - machine mixed
Sauerkraut Rye - no knead
Seeded Crackers
Sicilian Dough
Sicilian dough with Semolina
Smoked Chicken Pizza
Sourdough Bagels
Strawberry-Balsamic Sorbet
Sweet and Sour Shrimp Soup
Sweet Corn Raisin Bread
Teiglach / Teyglach / Taglach / Taiglach
Vienna - No Knead
Vienna loaf
Wheat Thins
White Gazpacho with Corn and Crabmeat
White Sandwich Bread
Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
Wild Rice and Onion Bread