Potato Bread - No Knead - Sourdough


Prep Time: less than a minute

Servings: 4

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7/20poundsFlour, All Purpose
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Peel the potatoes and cook in water till tender. Reserve the cooking liquid. You'll need 1 pound of the liquid


Rice the potatoes


Mix in the salt, sugar and first flour (.35#). You may want to delay the salt until the temperature drops to allow the enzymes in the flour a chance to wake up.


Add the 1 pound of potato water from cooking the potatoes.


Allow to cool to about 100 degrees F, and add in the flour and the Chef. (btw, a Chef is the sourdough starter that gets expanded into the starter used to make the bread as in this case). Search the index for a link to maintaining a potato starter.


Cover and allow to ferment overnight. Should be foamy around the edges as natural yeast becomes active.


To make the dough, weigh the starter and add 75% of the starter's weight in flour. Mix it in a plastic bin following instructions for the other no-knead doughs (baguette, etc). I haven't posted pictures here.... After the first 20 minute rest, the dough will look rough. Pat it down and follow the instructions for the 3 folds, 20 minutes between each.


I allowed this dough to rest for 2 hours after the series of folds. Since this dough sat overnight, you could get by with less, but I'd let it sit at least one hour for the yeast to get going.


Shape as desired. This is a dense bread and needs a longer baking time. Bake at 400 (350 convection) for about 15 minutes, with steam if available, and then vent the steam and reduce the temp by 50 degrees. Bake till internal temp is about 200. Here, I did loaves in my Hovis strap pans. These were 1.67 pounds each. I would go about 2.5 pounds in the future. They baked for about 35 minutes....


i made 4 loaves.

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