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3 or 4 ripe tomatos/ heirloom are

----- Preparation Directions: -----

Peel and slice tomatos, put into a colander and sprinkle with salt.

Let drain 10 minutes.

While they're draining, bake the pie crust on the egg at 350 about 10

Mix the two cheeses and miracle whip together in a bowl and set

Once pie crust is done remove from egg and let it cool a few minutes.

Then start layering the tomatos then basil and green onions and
repeat till pie crust is full.

Take the cheese mixture and spread on top evenly.

----- Cooking Directions: -----

Bake the pie indirectly at 400 degrees till top is browned lightly
about 45 minutes.

Remove from egg and let stand for 10 minutes slice and serve....

Recipe Author: Submitted by: Bryan Love
Recipe Source: My mom in Baltimore
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