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Bearnaise Sauce
Bearnaise Sauce - TM
Braised Yams with cream and rosemary
Butter Sauce (Beurre Blanc)
Celery Root and Shallot Puree
Crab Imperial Stuffing
Crab Imperial Two
Cream Sauce for Mushrooms
Fish Stuffed with Wild Rice
Goat Cheese Vinaigrette
Gorgonzola Sauce
Greek Tomato Salad
Mango Citrus Vinaigrette
Mushroom Fricassee
Orzo With Shrimp, Mussels, and Olives
Parsnip and Parmesan Soup
Sardinian Couscous
Scallop Based Sauce
Scallops in Tomato Cream
Steak Diane
Stufato Sauce
Swedish Meatballs
Sweet and Sour Shrimp Soup
Vegtable medley