Sous-vide Bottom Round Roast


Prep Time: about 12 hours

Servings: 8

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   Warren Prince

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Liberally season the roast with salt and pepper.


Arrange the garlic on the roast and place in the bag. Arrange the thyme on the roast as well. Seal.


Cook in water bath at 128 F (53.3 C) for about 10 hours.


Allow the roast to come to room temperature, drain, and chill.


Bring egg to about 700 and grill for about 2 minutes per side. Idea is to get a good crust without cooking the meat any further, that's why I process cold. Remove from heat, and enjoy.


Here's a picture after it came off the egg.

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Warren said,
about 16 years ago
Sous-vide Bottom Round Roast

That question comes up frequently. Actually, it is safe if you maintain the temperature long enough. Nathan (who is currently writing a book on sous vide) answered it best on eGullet:

"The food safety issue is particularly interesting. Most people think this means cooking to 140F / 60C – that is not correct, it is about both time and temperature. 140F/60C is NOT ENOUGH if you do it for a short period of time – typically you need to be at that temperature for at least 12 minutes. Conversely, red meats can be cooked at 130F / 54.4C and be just as sterilized if they are held for 112 min. Poultry is frequently incinerated in a well meaning attempt to meet food safety guidelines, but in fact the US FDA says it is perfectly acceptable to sterilize lean turkey or chicken at 136F/ 57.8C for 64 minutes. These times come from the following FDA document

Many people who have the phobia that below 140F/60C is unsafe do not realize this and will say things like “it is unsafe to do long time duration cooking at 130F”. In actual fact it is SAFER than bringing food to 140F, unless you keep it there for 12 minutes."

You can find his posts at as well as some charts he's prepared for sous vide cooking...

walt said,
about 16 years ago
Sous-vide Bottom Round Roast

I have a question regarding food safety, I've always heard no more than 4 hour between 40 and 140, is that safe? -RP

Warren said,
almost 17 years ago
Sous-vide Bottom Round Roast

Hi Chassel, sorry I didn't see your post sooner..... The bags are made specially for a vacuum machine. If you have a foodsaver (Tilia) just use one of their bags. I have a more commerical unit that is a chamber machine, so I buy my bags at

Thanks for joining and posting :)

Warren said,
almost 17 years ago
Sous-vide Bottom Round Roast

HI, although i dont have much experience cooking I loved the recipe and want to try it... Im also a foreign just married girl hehe and my question is simple (rather dumm) what kind of bag is the one you water bath the beef bottom?

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