Traditional British Toad In The Hole


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Prep Time: less than a minute

Servings: 4


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8eachesBritish Sausagespreferably port
300millilitersMilk(half pint)
100gramFlour(4 oz)



Fry the sausages until just cooked (not well done) and put aside. Reserve some of the fat and juices extracted during the frying process.

Preheat your oven to around 200 centigrade (400 Fahrenheit).

Beat together the milk, eggs and flour until you have a thick sticky batter mixture with lots of air bubbles.

Pour around 3 tbsp of the sausage fats and juices into a yorkshire pudding tin or other small roasting tin.

Place the sausages in a single layer on the bottom of the baking tray and briefly place into the oven to heat the oil slightly.

Pour over the yorkshire pudding batter mix and return to the oven.

Bake for around 25 - 40 minutes until the batter has risen and turned a golden brown.

Serve immediately (or the pudding with flatten) with roast potatoes, vegetables, parsnips and good olᅢテᅡ깨ᄁ¬タレᅡᆲᅢᄁ¬ダᅡᄁ Bisto gravy for a hearty traditional Great British meal.

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