Beef Stir Fry


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Prep Time: less than a minute

Servings: 4

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1Flank Steakthinly sliced
1dashGarlic Powder
2teaspoonOil, Sesame 
1tablespoonOyster Sauce
1tablespoonHoisin Sauce
1tablespoonSoy Sauce
2tablespoonCorn Starch



Add the Sesame oil, oyster sauce, and hoisin sauce to the beef and mix. Add some garlic powder. Mix well
Add the Soy sauce and mix some more
Add the Corn Starch and mix.
Add the oil and mix some more. MUST add ingredients in this order
Let marinate as desired.

Heat wok to very hot. Add oil. When smoking, add two crushed cloves of garlic. No need to remove skin. When Garlic browned, remove and add meat.

Cook quickly. To create a sauce, have some corn starch disolved in some water. Add corn starch soluition to desired thickness, a little at a time. Think with water. Adjust seasoning by adding oyster sauce.

Can be served with any combination of ingredients, but cook veggies first.

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