Bananas Foster

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Prep Time: less than a minute

Servings: 8

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1/4cupSugar, Brown
1/2cupBanana Liquor
1cupRum, White



Melt butter in chafing dish or large skillet. Add brown sugar and
blend. Add bananas and saute. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Now pour the
banana liqueur and the rum over the bananas and ignite, basting with
the flaming liquid. Serve over ice cream when flame has died.
Serves 4.

Note: New Orleans chefs love to flambe things like Crepes Suzette,
Cherries Jubilee, and Sweet Potato Brulee. The original recipe for
Bananas Foster was created for one of Brennan's regular patrons named
Richard Foster--it is recognized today as the crowning glory to an
incomparable Breakfast at Brennan's.

Source: The Little New Orleans Cookbook by Gwen McKee, Baton Rouge:
Quail Ridge Press, 1991at ISBN 0-937552-42-9

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