Focaccia - No Knead


Prep Time: about 6 hours

Servings: 20

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   Warren Prince

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2 7/10poundsFlour, All Purpose
1 23/25poundsWaterroom temperature
24 3/5gramSalt
6gramSugar, Granulated
17/100poundOil, Grapeseed
4gramYeast, Instant



Weight the ingredients into a plastic dough container.


Mix by hand untill all the ingredients come together. Follow the 20/20/20/150 folding and raising method described in the No Knead Baguette recipe.


Use some more grapeseed oil, and oil a sheet pan well. This recipe will fill a full sheet pan. My pictures don't quite fill the pan, but the recipe has been increased to do so. Turn the dough out onto the pan, and oil the top of the dough.


Oil your hands, and spread the dough out on the sheet pan. You're looking to get it a unifore 1/2 inch thick. In the picture you see a lot of air pockets. The idea here is NOT to de-gass the dough totally. Those air pockets are ok. Treat the dough gently.
Preheat the oven to about 450 F.


Allow to raise for about an hour. Sprinkle with the herb of your choice (rosemary, caraway, thyme, etc) and coarse salt. I like Maldon sea salt for this purpose. You can press tomatoes, olives, or whatever into the dough as well. Using your fingers, press dimples into the dough. The idea is not to poke through the dough, but just to create pockets to hold the oil. Then sprinkle the top with some good quality olive oil. Allow to raise a little more.


Bake at 450 for 10 to 15 minutes. Timing depends on oven and whether or not you're using convection. Idea is to get it golden brown. Remove to a rack to cool.


Slice and enjoy when cool.

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Dentredegrori said,
about 14 years ago
Focaccia - No Knead

looks good Warren!

Warren said,
over 15 years ago
Focaccia - No Knead

If baking the focaccia in 12" x 12" pans, this recipe will make 3 doughs.

Warren said,
about 17 years ago
Focaccia - No Knead

Made one with red grapes and rosemary, turned out great.

Warren said,
almost 18 years ago
Focaccia - No Knead

This recipe was for a full sheet pan. For a cookie sheet or half sheet pan, merely cut all ingredients in half. Should make it easier to keep seasonings separate.

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