Whole Wheat Pizza Dough


Prep Time: about 2 hours

Servings: 4

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1poundsFlour, Whole Wheat
1 1/2poundsFlour, All Purpose
1 1/2poundsWater
1/20poundSalt, Morton Kosher



Weigh the water and add the sugar and salt. Stir to dissolve


Add the oil, and then the flours, followed by the yeast.


I mix mine in a mixer with a dough hook, where I process the dough for about 10 minutes. I would think this would exceed the size of most food processors, but would probably be fine if cut in half. Process as you would any other dough. Alternatively, you could probably knead by hand for about 10 minutes


Scale to .9 pound portions, shape into a ball and alow to rest for about an hour. You can use it right away or an store in the fridge for a couple days. If you use it after refrigeration, there is no need to let it rise again or even come to room temperature. In fact, you may find the cooler dough easier to work with.


If you elect to store the dough, the easiest way is in a pizza tin you can buy rather cheaply at a restaurant supply house. This is one container for each dough ball. You squirt a layer of oil in the bottom of the tin, and put a well rounded dough ball on top. Flatten the dough with your hand, into the oil, turning it with a twist of the wrist to coat the bottom of the dough with oil. Turn the dough over so the oiled side is facing up and flatten and twist again, cover (with a lid or the next tin) and refridgerate till needed. When you make a pizza it is *** IMPORTANT *** to keep the top of the dough facing up when you put it on your work table. This is the dry side. You put the oiled or wet side down on your work table. You can pour some of the oil from the tin on to your work surface as well as a lubricant. Put some flour on the top of the dough and sprinkle some on the pizza peel. Using your hands you work the dough with your fingers and palms, allowing the disc of dough to spin in the oil. When you've reached your desired size, you lift the dough onto the back of your hands (sort of on your knuckles) with the dry floured side on your knuckles. You can stretch the dough more if needed. When it's the right size, you flip the dough onto the peel, flour side DOWN. You do not want to get any oil or sauce on the peel or the dough will stick. Add sauce and toppings and into the oven it goes.

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Warren said,
over 17 years ago
Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

Hi Ken,
Sorry about leaving those details out. I've fixed the recipe for your first few questions.
I use 1# doughs, so yes, it makes 4. If you went down to .8# doughs it would make about 5. All depends on the size of your pizza stone and the dough thickness you desire.
To scale the recipe, I'd suggest you move to bakers' percentages. The dough has 60% hydration, 3% honey, 2% salt, 2% oil and .4% instant yeast. The flour ratio is obviously 2/5 and 3/5.
As to oil, I use grapeseed as it's flavorless and has a very high smoke point.
I've never used it for garlic rolls. Clearly, the shaping and proofing would be different, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work.

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