Sweet and Sour Bread

Prep Time: about 6 hours

Servings: 8

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   Warren Prince

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112 1/2gramStarter
325gramsWaterroom temperature
550gramsFlour, All Purpose
11gramSalt, Flour
1gramYeast, Instant



Combine water and starter; mix until uniform


Add remaining ingredients and mix for 12 minutes


Fold dough several times and place in covered, greased container to rise for 3 hours.


Preheat oven to 450 F.


Shape dough and allow to rise for an hour or until ready.


Optionally, baste with cooked cornstarch solution and sprinkle with desired seeds (sesame, poppy, caraway, etc.)


Bake for about 20 minutes or until center registers 200 degrees. Allow to cool completely.


To make rolls, portion at 75 g.


You can baste with cooked corn starch liquid and sprinkle with seeds.


Bake at about 400F for about 25 minutes

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Warren said,
over 1 year ago
Sweet and Sour Bread

Started using the combi-oven again. Did a triple batch to make 4 loaves @ 780 gr/each. Set oven in combi mode to 360F. Took approximately 26 minutes.

Warren said,
almost 2 years ago
Sweet and Sour Bread

This will be the Christmas bread this year. Recipe will make 1 1K loaf. First fermentation will take about 3 hours. Final rise will also take about 3 hours.

Amendment to last year's comment, I've adjusted the ingredients to be one loaf.

Warren said,
about 3 years ago
Sweet and Sour Bread

The default size is for one loaf in a loaf pan. My pans are longer than normal so this may be too big for you. You may want to resize to 2/3.

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